Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep

If there is one condition that has plagued me every day-or rather, every night-for years on end, it’s sleep. I was prescribed sleeping medication long-term (not a good idea) and suffered greatly for it. If I was having trouble sleeping before, it was now impossible to achieve, unless I took my medication. The truth is, we lose touch with sleep more and more every day. Technology, stress, energy drinks, stress, readily prescribed medications, and did I mention stress? All of those things contribute to sleeplessness, and I can almost guarantee everyone who reads this list will struggle with at least one of the above.

Drink Tart Cherry Juice

A ½ cup to a 1 cup of tart cherry juice is a tasty way to drift off to sleep, and is a natural sleep aid that I personally think really helps. Tart cherry juice is a natural sleep aid because it’s full of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that coverts to serotonin, which then coverts to melatonin. Melatonin helps maintain our sleep and wake cycle by causing drowsiness and lowers body temperature, working with the central nervous system to sync our biological clock. Its production is inhibited by light, but released in low light/darkness.

Improve the Feng Shui

Feng shui is more than just decorating you’re space in a visually appealing way; it’s a full philosophy that instructs on how to arrange your room, furniture, office, etc. to maximize good energy flow throughout living spaces. Keep your bed easily accessible and approachable from all sides. Make the energy in the room fresh and help it flow by keeping the air pure, preferably with open windows. Also try to have several windows to allow in natural light. Have the bed positioned in such a way that you can see the door. Not being able to see the entrance to your bedroom can create a feeling of anxiety.

Make Your Bedroom Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of rest. It is your retreat to restore your mind and body by sleeping. It is not a place to watch T.V., or a second office. If you have them, the computer and T.V. have to go. They not only keep you awake, but they don’t give a sense of relaxation. They carry stress into your room, and stress does not help you sleep.

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Here are some of the many benefits from a good night sleep :

Improves memory:

Your mind is surprisingly busy while you snooze. During sleep you can strengthen memories or “practice” skills learned while you were awake(it’s a process called consolidation).

Triggers creativity:

In addition to consolidating memories, or making them stronger, your brain appears to reorganize and restructure them , which may result in more creativity.

Sharpens attention:

A lack of sleep can result in losing attention quicker, being more moody and generally being more tired. So a good night sleep is of key importance.

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