Printable Version Whole house filtration is designed to protect your investment and aid in the performance of your water system.  It is installed before your unit to stop sediment from entering your system.  Preventative maintenance on your pre-filter will save you time, money, and headaches if done on a regular basis, since failing to regularly change your water filter can negatively affect the system performance and lead to costly repairs. In most applications, it is best practice to change filters every 3-6 months.  If the water pressure decreases throughout your home, that is typically a sign that the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

Steps to Changing Your Whole House Filter

1. Turn Water Off

Turn water off at both the inlet side of pre-filter and outlet side.   

2. Relieve Pressure

Relieve pressure from the pre-filter via red pressure release button on top of the pre-filter housing.   

3. Unscrew Housing

Unscrew housing. It may be necessary to use a prefilter wrench to loosen. Note:  It is common to lose the o-ring from housing during pre-filter changes, located on the inner lip of canister.  Be sure to locate the O-ring. If you have already lost the o-ring, please call us at 800-887-7555 for a replacement.   

4. Remove Filter

Remove the filter   

5. Clean Inside of Filter Housing

Clean inside of filter housing with a small amount of household bleach or any rust-remover, and rinse clean

6. Replace Filter

Replace filter

7. Screw Housing Back On

Screw housing back onto the cap, do not over tighten.  Don’t use the wrench to tighten – hand tightening is sufficient. Note:  Be sure o-ring is in place and clean of all debris. If O-ring appears dry to the touch, a small film of non-petroleum base should be applied to ensure a good seal.

8. Turn Water On

Turn water on, check for leaks   

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